Loan at Good Bank, home mortgage

Good Bank’s policy is based on providing support to enterprising people who can improve their economic situation with their ideas.

That is why anyone (natural or legal person) can become a customer of this bank. The creditor has its own internet bank where you can sign up to be informed of all financial news and use the bank’s products on favorable terms.

Consumer credit at Good Bank


The most popular, popular and accessible financial offer of Good Bank is consumer credit. This type of loan is the easiest to obtain and is therefore most often used to pay for various expenses, to purchase a car or to make a down payment on a mortgage. To understand exactly how a consumer credit is received at Good Bank, let’s look at the creditor’s requirements and the terms of this program.

No collateral is required for processing a consumer credit.

  • The borrower does not have to make a down payment to get a loan.
  • By using a car loan, the customer can expect much better terms.

Convenient Internet Banking allows creditor clients to send a loan application directly from the resource. As soon as the agreement between the two parties is signed, the borrower will immediately receive the full amount of the loan in his current account with Good Bank. If you have not yet become a customer of this creditor, you must first go to the nearest branch of this bank to open your checking account.

Communicating with your bank via internet banking is as easy as possible. Not only can you select the product you need for a particular customer group, you can also apply for the amount you need, but you can also calculate the estimated repayment schedule on your own with the built-in online calculator.

Conditions for obtaining a consumer credit


1. The interest rate on a consumer loan is fixed but differs depending on the customer category you are targeting. The annual rate for this product is set as follows:

  • For regular and new customers (first time Good Bank loan application) – 19% per annum.
  • Silver level customers can expect 15% per annum.
  • Gold level customers can apply for a consumer credit at a rate of 10.5% per annum.
  • Borrowers who have decided to buy a car or motor vehicle for borrowed money can receive a 10% annual loan. In order not to increase the loan rate after 2 months, the borrower must register the vehicle in the CSDD in his own name.

If the customer is a Silver or Gold Group customer, he / she can expect discounts when applying for Good Bank any financial product, not only consumer credit.

2. The amount of the possible consumer credit: 500-15000 euros. The maximum loan amount is calculated individually for each client depending on their income level, credit history and current financial obligations.

3. The loan amount is released as soon as the borrower signs the contract. The money is credited to the client’s bank current account.

4. The loan repayment period may range from 6 months to 6 years. If the borrower wants to repay the entire loan prematurely, he can do so at no extra cost.

5. Loan repayment method: The loan is paid in equal monthly installments. This nuance allows you to plan your budget. The amount of one payment may not exceed 40% of your net income (after payment of all taxes and other financial obligations). The minimum obligatory payment for the consumer credit is removed from your current account at Good Bank once a month. Therefore, you need to make sure you have the necessary amount in your account in advance.

6. To apply for a loan with a bank, you must present your passport or ID card, application (which can also be filled in and sent online via Internet Banking), proof of your income if you do not receive it in your SEB bank account. be your bank statement for the last six months with another bank).

If any customer confuses a consumer credit with an overdraft or does not fully understand the terms of the last product, we will give you a brief reference.

Consumer Credit Features

Consumer Credit Features

  • The amount of the consumer credit is 500-15000 euros.
  • Fixed payment obligation.
  • The loan is repaid automatically from your account at Good Bank.

Overdraft Features:

  • There are no mandatory monthly payments.
  • Volume: from 200 EUR – for one client’s salary.
  • Payment is made automatically from the customer’s bank account at Good Bank.