Alia is the Founder and President of Plump’d, a UK-registered charity focused on alleviating starvation and severe acute malnutrition among children.

Plumpdlogo raises money for the purchase and distribution of Plumpy’nut in order to support existing child nutrition programmes in the developing world, or in response to specific humanitarian crises.  Plumpy’nut is a high calorie peanut-based paste which contains sugar, vegetable fat, skimmed milk powder, vitamins and minerals, and, crucially, allows for the treatment of severe acute malnutrition without the need for hospitalisation.  It is sweet, making children less likely to reject it, and it has a shelf-life of two years.

Plump’d is a small trust with no overhead costs, allowing its donations to translate tangibly and immediately into rations of this life-saving food substance, which helps to alleviate considerable suffering among young souls.


November 2016: We delivered 60 cartons (828kg) of Plumpy’nut to vulnerable, and often desperate, children trapped in canada pharmacies online viagra for men canada pharmacies online buy cialis online pharmacies in usa viagra coupons viagra without a prescription sildenafil 50mg canada pharmacies online prescriptions generic levitra viagra for men viagra australia viagra from canada eastern Aleppo and Idlib in Northern Syria.  The Plumpy’nut made it in to these areas during the notorious siege and bombardment of eastern Aleppo.


September 2015: We delivered 40 large cartons (552kg) of Plumpy’nut to Sierra Leone. The sachets were used in public health facilities and hospitals in Port Loko, one of the areas hardest-hit by the Ebola virus. According to our partners on the ground, because of Ebola and its economic and social effects, malnourishment in Sierra Leone, particularly for the under-fives, reached epidemic proportions. Our Plumpy’nut has given to the children it reaches a fighting chance of survival.

Plumpy'nut_wrapperOctober 2013: We delivered 51 large cartons (704kg) of Plumpy’nut to Northern Syria. A children’s hospital distributed the sachets among a community of very poor and largely displaced families, whose particular plight had been documented by the BBC. Alongside the violence and devastation of war, malnutrition among these children had risen dramatically, and the Plumpy’nut was used to care for them.

Plumpy'nut_wrapperDecember 2012: We delivered 145 large cartons (2001kg) of Plumpy’nut to Mwanza and Mbeya, Tanzania. The sachets were distributed by the Baylor College of Medicine’s Clinical Centres of Excellence, which treat hundreds of children living with HIV in the most underserved areas. Adequate nutrition is vital in dealing with the impact of HIV, particularly on the small bodies of young children.     


Plump’d is an entirely voluntary organisation, UK-registered Charity No. 1147919.


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