Who got that job


2013-16    Visiting Research Fellow, University of Oxford

2009-13    Research Fellow, London School of Economics and Political Science

                Senior Research Associate, University of Oxford

2007-09    Research Associate in International Relations, University of Oxford

                Research Fellow, St. Antony’s College, Oxford

2004-07    Tutor in the Politics of the Middle East, University of Oxford


Publications (selected)

JJW cover

¨       Jihad and Just War in the War on Terror, Oxford University Press, November 2010

¨     ‘The Evolution of Global Jihadism’, in International Institute for Strategic Studies, Armed Conflict Survey (inaugural edition), May 2015

¨       ‘Al-Qaeda and the 9/11 Decade’ in Richard English and Adam Roberts (eds), 9/11: Ten Years On, forthcoming July 2015

¨      ‘Ideology and Terrorism: Causes and Motivations’, in Erica Chenoweth, Richard English, Andreas Gofas and Stathis Kalyvas (eds), The Oxford Handbook on Terrorism, OUP, forthcoming December 2015

¨     ‘Al-Qaeda in the Changing Arab Context’, policy brief for Institut français des relations internationales, September 2012

¨       ‘What is Al Qaeda Today?’, Manuel Almeida (ed), Al Qaeda After bin Laden, Al-Mesbar Press [Dubai], December 2011

¨       ‘Al-Qaeda Ten Years On’, British Academy Review, issue 19, January 2012

¨       ‘Libya’s Revolution’, Journal of North African Studies 16:4, December 2011

¨       ‘Islamic Radicalisation in Liya’, George Joffe (ed), Islamist Radicalisation in North Africa: Politics and Process, Routledge, September 2011

¨       ‘Al-Qaeda as Just Warriors: Osama bin Laden’s Case for War’, Jeevan Deol and Zaheer Kazmi (eds), Contextualising Jihadi Thought, Hurst & Co, July 2011

¨       ‘Religion and War’, Hew Strachan and Sibylle Scheipers (eds), The Changing Character of War, Oxford University Press, May 2011

¨       ‘Subverting Islam’, LSE Research, issue 3, Spring 2011.

¨      ‘The Taliban’s Evolving Ideology’, LSE Global Governance Paper Series, April 2010 *Most Downloaded LSE Working Paper, 2010/2011*

¨       ‘Crushed in the Shadows: Why Al-Qaeda Will Lose the War of Ideas’, Studies in Conflict and Terrorism 33:2, February 2010

¨       ‘Terrorist Beheadings: Politics and Reciprocity’, Adam Roberts and Sibylle Scheipers (eds), Prisoners in War, Oxford University Press, November 2009


Lectures (selected)

¨     ‘Cultural Heritage and the Islamic State’,  York Festival of Ideas, 19 June 2016.  Text here

¨     ‘ISIS: Between Unity and Fragmentation’, Oxford University Middle East Centre, St. Antony’s College, Oxford, 6 November 2015.  Listen here

¨     ‘Cultural Heritage in the Islamic State’s Worldview’, V&A Museum/ St. Johns College, Oxford, 31 October 2015.  Listen here

¨     ‘Understanding 21st Century Jihadism’, UK Ministry of Defence, Higher Command and Staff Course, Shrivenham, 13 April 2015

¨     ‘The Evolution of the Threat from Islamic Extremism’, UK Ministry of Defence, Herford, Germany, 2 September 2014

¨     ‘Causes of Violent Extremism: Continuity and Change’, St. George’s House and Quilliam Foundation, Windsor Castle, 15 November 2013

¨     ‘Al-Qaeda Resurgent?’, LSE Ideas/Whitehall Dining Club, 24 January 2013

¨    ‘New and Continuing Sources of Radicalisation’, Changing Character of War Programme, University of Oxford, 22 January 2013

¨      ‘Was 9/11 a Watershed in International Relations?’, British Academy Symposium: 9/11 Ten Year On, London, 2 September 2011

¨      ‘The Libyan Intervention’, University of Nottingham, 20 December 2011

¨      ‘The Taliban’s Ideological Evolution’, US Centcom, Tampa, Florida, 19 August 2011

¨      ‘Al-Qaeda’s Evolving Ideology and Strategy’, UK Ministry of Defence, Hampshire, 17 June 2011

¨      ‘America’s Wars in the Muslim World’, Public lecture/book launch, London School of Economics and Political Science, 26 January 2011

¨      ‘Poisoned Chalice: The Taliban, Al-Qaeda and the Global Jihad’, University of Cambridge, 5 June 2010

¨      ‘Managing Populations in Irregular War: Moral Assymetry ’, Saint-Cyr International Conference on Irregular Warfare, Saint-Cyr Military Academy, France, 13 May 2009

¨      ‘Religion in War’, Oxford Programme on the Changing Character of War closing conference, 20 March 2009

¨      ‘Why Osama Bin Laden Wants to Kill You: Al-Qaeda’s Moral Justitications for War’,  US Naval War College, Rhode Island, 4 March 2009

¨      ‘Osama bin Laden’s (Re)Conceptualisation of Justified Jihad’, British International Studies Association’s Annual Conference, Exeter, 17 December 2008

¨      ‘Osama bin Laden’s Jihad: Means and Ends’, Oxford University Strategic Studies Group, 14 October 2008

¨      ‘The Illogic of Massacre: Why Al-Qaeda Will Share the Fate of the GIA’, Le Centre d’Etudes Maghrébines en Algérie, Oran, Algeria, 12 July 2008

¨      ‘Al-Qaeda, Suicide Bombing and the Islamic tradition’, Oxford Programme on the Changing Character of War seminar series, Oxford, 22 January 2008